Monday, July 7

JACKWHITE.III. Always bringing the noise...

The first time I saw Jack White was when he played at Bonnaroo in 2007 with "The White Stripes".  I wasn't even a photographer yet and I took this crappy, shaky, really grainy photo of one of the best show's I have ever seen.

Then, I saw him again in 2008. Again, at Bonnaroo, where he was playing with his band "The Raconteurs". I was Still not a photographer, didn't even take a single shot. But the show was, again, another hard rocking and amazing set. (video below NOT shot by me, just a re-blog)

Then, I saw Jack White yet again at Bonnaroo, this time in 2010 with "The Dead Weather". Finally, a photographer, I took theses shots from the photo pit.

That first time I saw Jack White play, way back at Bonnaroo in 2007 with "The White Stripes" I instantly realized he is one of the best and only musician conistently Rocking and rolling, the only true Rock Star living and playing today. I have since seen him play 5 times with his various bands and musical outfits and on his current solo tour. He rocks, he roll's, he plays different and unplanned sets every show, he plays elaborate secret shows. I have told anybody who'll listen and especially myself, if you ever get a chance to see Jack White live, always go. Never miss a Jack White show, He will never ever disappoint an audience.

So you can imagine my self-loathing when i skipped Bonnaroo this year (against all my better judgement and mental warnings), where Jack White Headlined Saturday Nights Main Stage. And it was apparently "One of the best in Bonnaroo's 13 year history". FUCK ME.

But luckily, I found this bootleg recording of the entire show, you can download it here, put it on your ipod and enjoy the show...and remind yourself, to never, ever, miss a Jack White Show.

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