Saturday, May 26

! N D ! V ! D U A L S ! : Flying Penquins

So, when I'm not shooting photos, sleeping in Hotels, or swimming in lakes, I can be found slacking/drinkingChocolateMilks/buildingSculptures with these guys. I am 1/5th of the Boston-Based Sculpture Collective: ! N D ! V ! D U A L S ! and we build site-specific installations and found-wood sculptures for galleries, art spaces and private collectors around New England and AMERICA!

We recently were invited to Colin's Alma Mater in Vermont to design and install a one-of-a-kind piece in an otherwise boring stairwell. We quickly decided to create "Flying Penguins". I think you'd agree. That's it, just agree. We had a great weekend up in Vermont eating fine cheeses and drinking Long Trails. We even got the work done on time and nobody got hurt. Nobody got seriously hurt. Seriously.

Monday, May 21


For the my last full day in California we drove down the coast to Ana Nuevo State Park. We hiked out 2 miles to a point to see the loud, and snorty elephant seals with my family. I'm gonna miss best part of living in California, being out in the sun, breathing in the eucalyptus, sea breezy, pine filled air. We saw flowers and bugs and seals and even a few hidden snakes, but I'm glad to be coming back home to New England where summer is just getting its start...

Monday, May 14


Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought a quick sea-side stroll in Cali was a good idea this week. The Tour of California is going on right now and I watched Lance and cronies zip by as they came rolling out of Devils Slide just north of Half-moon Bay. The ride from San Francisco down route 1 to San Simeon is one of the best bike rides in the country, but I'm glad I never had to ride it at 32mph.


Taking some walks and Portraits out in California. HalfMoonBay. EucalyptusForests.

Friday, May 11


I've spent a lot of time on the West Coast lately and even more time in a car. Sometimes I combine both activities. Alpha Romeo Spyder 1977, Skyline Drive to Cabrillo Hwy. Sunshine. PacificBreezes. FishTacos. Speed.