Monday, July 12


NYC Weekend., and this lovely portrait of Leah Evans and Jay, Brooklyn.

Friday, July 2


I took my camera to Bonnaroo. People came to Bonnaroo. I thus started a portrait project. here is the result..

Bonnaroo2010PortraitProject<---photos by Domathon!

Thanks to big help from Winston Wanston.


missed bonnaroo? check out my photo essay to see what it was like to slowly cook in the sun all day, and then see some good shows by evening!

Bonnaroo2010PhotoEssay<---photos by Domathon!

! N D ! V ! D U A L S: BONNAROO2010

! N D ! V ! D U A L S ! strike again! Tennessee, 2010, bonnaroo, sweat, 102degreesF, drugs, hippies, portraits, big dumb animals, power tools, cash money, golf carts, hammocks, injuries, typical summer...

! N D ! V ! D U A L S ! Gallery<----Photos by Domathon!

Aaaaaah UPDATES!!!

photo of color printing lab at NESOP, never again!

WOW. Crazzy busy summer. So here is an update! I finished NESOP about a month or two ago!?! Travelled to Tennessee, built some sculptures, gone hiking, shot some portraits, some weddings, swam a little, camping in acadia. Lots of portraits. In case you missed out on my last semester of work here is my official 2010 Editorial Gallery...

<---Photos by Domathon!