Monday, February 20


Had an awesome photo shoot back in December with the @Loroto Boysz, Nick and Addison. They had me shoot their Xmas Card the day before I left for Montana. Between the amazing house, hilarious outfits, the easy going Loroto Crew and a few stiff drinks we got some great work. Here's my favorite of Add, makin calls. Important Calls. In the Executive Suite.

Thursday, February 9


My work with the Mount Washington Valley Ice Climbing Festival was used in Brian Irwin's article for Boston Globe's Sunday Travel section. I had a great time up north and glad to see my work in print with the Boston Globe.

Read the article HERE.
And thanks to writer Brian Irwin for his informative and exciting account of a little covered sport that New England offers.

Tuesday, February 7


I still run into friends who wonder why I live in the suburbs. I wonder why they live in the city.

Wednesday, February 1


Drove out to WesternMA/UpstateNY for the weekend. Saw some fog, stopped often to shoot the forests and freshwater lakes that look so differently in the summer. Spooky day, Radiohead for the trip. Appropriate.