Friday, June 24


JessicaSmiley sure is smiley. Because she has a doggie.
Oh and blogger sure did do a hackjob processing this file for viewing! EWWW.

Wednesday, June 22

Friday, June 10


Welcome to the shitshow! check back daily for a BonnarooPhotoSafari...

Tuesday, June 7


Bonnaroo, ! N D ! V ! D U A L S, hot Tennessee Fields. Needs more water.

Saturday, June 4


HappyBDay JessSmiley, Drove down to TN, gas, junkfood, endless driving, and TRUCKS! oh, be sure to check the other blog...for similar and unusual updates...

Thursday, June 2


I've been sitting in one spot all day, watching the changing weather. I watched as the sky went from sunny, to eerily yellow and green to tropical downpour. A few killer twisters hit MA and the storm raged right through Holliston with Tornado Warnings within a few miles from my house. Also watched as a neighbors tree fell in their driveway.