Tuesday, December 11


In September I got an assignment for Boston Magazine to shoot their feature travel story. I drove all over New England for the photos and Vermont was the last story to tell. I knew with the mountains and  Lake Champlain and the islands the only way to tell the unique story of the road was with a vantage from high above. I traded a case of beer and fuel for a trip to 5,000 feet, from Burlington to the Canadian border we flew. But my ace pilot took me down to just above the tree line and we buzzed the many bridges that connect the islands to the mainland, shooting while the wind whipped my camera gear around the open cabin. We flew with the doors and windows open, like being on a motorcycle in the sky.  In the end Boston Magazine ran two aerial photos for the Travel Feature. wooooo!

Sunday, November 25



for all the photos nerds
ISO 8000 5dmkiii

Monday, November 12


Whew. Been on the road for what feels like awhile. With the exception of a quick dash down to FL this month, think im gonna stick around the ole homestead for a spell, get some work done. Here'are a few shots from the recent roads...


Monday, November 5


Sometimes, every once in a while, while on a travel assignment a storm comes along and traps you in the FrenchQuarter of NewOrleans Louisiana on Halloween. All you have is your new 5dmkiii and time to kill. Life could be worse. Here's something to think about...

Thursday, October 25


Last week while staying in NYC I just so happened upon the sugary production line of these amazing and amazingly delicious/decorative/decadent sugar on sugar DayOfTheDead Skulls.

I shot some of the process of Kate Delaney creating these festive Mexican Decorations for the worlds greatest Mexican Restaurant, Cafe Azteca in Lawrence Massachusetts. Come late October these bad boys gonna be for sale. Grab em while they're hot... ETSY.STORE.HERE

Thursday, October 18


As a frequent Photo Assistant I am asked to perform all manner of superhuman feats. Last month while assisting with #superphotographer @jaredleeds (www.jaredleeds.com) I was called upon to fight King Neptune himself while steadying a row boat in the stormy, chilly waters of Jamaica Pond.

As one would expect, my icy, frozen hands clung to the vessel so well they made the final of edit of both Jared Leeds blog, this here photothon blog and the pages of "Brown Medicine Magazine". You can read in the caption of the first photo here, a tear from the magazine. This was the cover shot for a feature on Dr. Neel Shah, founder of the non-profit "Cost of Care".

#nbd, all in a days work. THX Jared for sharing!

Thursday, October 4


Here's to more adventures!more posts!
Get out there, get off the computer.

Monday, August 20


Been so busy doing nothing this whole summer I haven't even shared any photos. Weddings, Portraits, Adventures, & Assignments, & lots of swimming.  New work coming soon to Domathon.com & in Print out there in the world. Keep Shooting, Summer ain't over yet...