Saturday, June 27



My Japanese Hotel roomate, shopping in the middle of nowhere pennsylvania, I got kicked out for having no shoes, but they let this slide.

Tuesday, June 23


My hotel is right next to the airport, the skies are stormin.

I made it to NY city, thanks luke for driving...
I am in my hotel room
i got internet and im getting last minute things done. (blog, charge equipment, download SUPERBAD to my iphone etc etc)

Sunday, June 21

Friday, June 19


Video number 1 from iLOVEphone. I know its sideways thankyou.

Thursday, June 18


Today I spent 12 hours on a computer. I finished all of Diane's Full-bright Video project from Jordan.
Diane Travelled to Jordan in April to talk with these MiddleEastern Women Authors, she videotaped everything and gave me the footage to present, here is what I came up with...

to see them all visit....


Today I
fixed up my bike,
rode to the lake,
ate breakfast,
applied to school again,
went shopping,
bought a solar charger,
105mm camera lens,
iphone case,
bike pump,
smartwool shirt,
went to starbucks,
ate burritos with kate,
got a phone call,
picked up tommy at woodland,
drank tea
and realized how exhausted i am.

Wednesday, June 17

Tuesday, June 16


Liz Rowland from our San Francisco weekend. here is at wildcat campsite, Point Reyes National Seashore.

Today was wakeup in boston at patspains. do web work all day and eat a delicious lox bagel sandwich at esspresso royale. talk with allycia, buy iphone 3g S. dinner at rowlands, grilled burgers, give jim all the boat shit. sit with rowlands, and observe the wind and smell of fresh water at the lake. bed now.

Monday, June 15


First Video Post.
I am busy, planning, packing, healthinsuranceing, websitebuilding, jobfinishing, relaxing.

Friday, June 12


Spent all day making my new website.
its half done.


Thursday, June 11


So here is the exact image i sent to 42below ride. and now I'm on the team. I will be biking from NYC to LA this summer, promoting 42vodka and bikefilms. Yippee hooray.

Sunday, June 7


Spent all day today working on video work for Diane at BU. Doing computer work is exhausting, you always need to balance your day with excercise and other stimulating work, or your eyes will burn. I am at Pat Spains, eating icecream. Heres two portraits of my dad from Point Judith, last august.

Friday, June 5


And this is why i have backup photos in the vault. In case like today, I leave the house at 7 50 am and don't get home til 10 30 pm. I worked with Jarrod all day, shooting at harvard Medical. I then ate with the rowlands, and took drugs for my pained tooth. Here is what i looked like in san francisco.

Wednesday, June 3


Italy, post-process from March. Finally getting around to doing work on this set.


You can be a wesley@TTtheBears-MAY2009


Tuesday, June 2


Boston University Mugar Library Librarians...

I've been working at BU making the library's orientation presentation. Here is a Brady-Bunch style image I created for the slide-show.

One (01) J.R. McCabe, Photographer. (