Saturday, November 30


LittleOutdoorGiants went up to Maine for the weekend. Seafoods, cabins, fires, tidal rivers. Yeah, it was good to get out.

Sunday, November 24

so I'm 30 now.

Spent my 30th Birthday having adventures around New England with this lass. Couldn't a been better. Carpe Diem...

Saturday, October 26

LA for a few...

Made it to Los Angeles for a few days and nights. Kickin it.

Sunday, September 29

Final Summer Feast!

On the final day of Summer this incredible feast was perpared backyard style for a beautiful Chappaquidick Wedding I was at, all done on a charcoal fired grill & with locally grown, raised and caught greens, meat, & fishes.

Sunday, August 25

My work out in the real world!

A few of my photos made it to print and web this year, here's a few shots out there in the world. 

RollingStone chose this shot of A$AP Rocky for their "Best Live Summer 2013" gallery seen here (

A story on blurb on what commuters are reading these days shot for Boston Magazine, IceFest coverage for Climbing Magazine, Portraits for People Magazine, & a Fall Travel Feature Story for Boston Magazine 2012.

Wednesday, August 14

Of Course I went to Bonnaroo 2013...

I finally got around to looking through my shots from Bonnaroo 2013 in June. Just submitted this little photo series to a PDN contest. Fingers crossed...

Crowds, A$AP Rocky going A$AP BANANAS, & Japandroids crushing it...

Wednesday, July 10

GrandTourofItalia! EF's GoAhead Tours! New Client Work!

I was lucky enough to be selected as a finalist for EF tour's GoAhead Tour company photographer search. I was sent to Italy with the instructions to "shoot what I saw". Dream Job indeed. I got to eat great food, see great sites and most importantly, meet and travel with some truly great people, people looking for an intimate insiders vacation with lots of adventure and lots of fun. 

GoAhead just featured me on their blog to explain my trip, visit their blog to see the full post here...

and the work is live on under travel section too...

Tuesday, July 9


I vowed to hike & camp & summer more up in the northern forest more this summer than ever before & damned if I don't. This is a foggy and rainy hike up to LittleHaystack, bivy off-trail, followed by a zombie hike through the fog to the summit of Lafayette, then down ye ole bridal path back to Lafayette Place. Followed by a well deserved soak in the waterfalls cascading down the mountains and soaking in granite basins.

All Photos shot on my new CanonG15 point&clicker.