Monday, March 12

Sunday, March 11


You Can Be a Wesley are straight ballin in TN. First they Headline a Memphis show at "The World Famous Poplar Lounge" and THEN after the party was the hotel party.

Thursday, March 8


I've never spent so much time with musicians in all my life and Nashville is a city of music. I didn't know there were so many to record stores, guitar shops, and drum stores. Needless to say the band was psyched outta their minds by all the guitar/drum porn. We even got to see JackWhites incredible "ThirdManRecords" store/studio in DT Nashville, he wasn't in and thus we didn't get to have that business meeting I was expecting.

Wednesday, March 7


Woke up today in Kentucky and spent the morning out in the sun, pagan worshipping. Drove to Nashville TN. We got some great BBQ within minutes of landing in the city, then watched the Wesleys, MODOC, Honeymoon Thrillers, and Lovedrug Rock Out at 12th & Porter, big stage, big lights, big times. If you're into rock and roll, check out "MODOC".