Wednesday, September 30

Tuesday, September 29


Photo-editing Canoe Classic shots from Adirondacks NY...

There's been an awful lotta boating lately for someone who doesn't even own a boat.

Monday, September 28


Boating w/The Porters

and here is the result of not planning ahead, I was warned this might happen....

Friday, September 25



29 of my photos from last weekends THUNDERDOME3D were just put up on the Phoenix website along with Nick Currans Videos and article describing the event.

My photos...

Nicks article...

Wednesday, September 23


Fall is officially here, but that doesn't mean the summer activities will stop.

Sunday, September 20


The Director and Cast of In/Significant Others. Premiered at the Boston Film Festival.

In/Significant Others


Party in the SouthEnd, welcome to the THUNDERDOME

Pat Spain Bonus!

Took a lil dog walking field trip to the edge of the edge of boston.


Woke up today at 5:30. Drove out to Western MA with Pat Spain of @naturecallstv, and proceeded to find snakes snakes and more snakes. Found two Timber Rattlers, two green grass snakes, and one ribbon (garter) snake. I shot video on the HD cam and we're editing it now.


A weekend full of Wesleys. I am one too.

Wednesday, September 16

Tuesday, September 15

Monday, September 14


The Beginning of the 90-Mile Adirondack canoe Classic. Old Forge Pond covered in morning mist.

Tuesday, September 8


Hiking with author E.W. Seeley in Western MA today. It was epic, more pics to come when I process them, but here are the three rattle snakes we found. Very very rare animal, their eyes are blue because they are about to shed that dark skin.

Saturday, September 5


Yoshi flew in from Japan, Ethan drove over from his house. NiteOut in Boston.

Thursday, September 3


Mt. Rainier NP, originally uploaded by Domathon.

I am digitizing and making all my work public at Flickr. My name is Domathon.

Hash House Harriers. Beer and running. Boston