Thursday, December 22


There is no shortage of incredible American People in incredible American Places. Here are a few such souls encountered on the road in the last week. Montana/Wyoming/SouthDakota/Colorado/Kansas/Missouri/Illinois...

Wednesday, December 21


Kansas! wooooooo-eeeee. Our first day in Kansas had us wakin up in our tent to a blustery, whippin Kansas prairie storm, tumbleweeds literally blowing across the road. The storm held out until after our second gas up, then it came down, wet and heavy and things got slippery. We stopped for burgers and chicken-fried steak @HappyDayDiner in Lincoln Kansas, met some quail hunters, and chained up the rear tires. We spent the rest of the day doing the steady 30mph chain shuffle into Salina, Kansas. Saw lots of folks swervin off the road, crossing the median, and ambulances haulin to the scene.

Clementine(truck) shrugged off the storm like the well seasoned, Montana truck she is. We holed up there in a $35Motel, with Pizza, the internet, and Discovery Channels brilliant show, GunSmoke. What a welcome to Kansas.

Tuesday, December 20


Spent the day on long flat roads, no radio in this thing, driving flat out at a steady 70mph across endless country. Wind screaming through the 40 year old windows, makin PB&J, campin at rest stops. Met some great people, lots of meandering, antique shopping, gassing up, peeing in the dirt, ridin the pickup bed.

Sunday, December 18


Camping in the plains of NorthWyoming, woke up to a 14degree morning. Luckily I was burrito-ed in a wool liner inside a 45 degree down bag, inside of a 20 degree synthetic. (thx@PatrickSpain)
We drove through some plains and fields and snowdrifts and tiny towns, saw the Devils Tower, and fell asleep in the Badlands of SouthDakota. NextStopColorado. Gooooo #Camping/Sunsets/Roadfood/TheWideOpenRoad!!!


I'm on the road!
My buddy and fellow photographer/traveler/adventurer/frequentSwimmer, Jarrod McCabe, and I are driving home. We rendezvous-ed in Bozeman, MT, where Jarrod purchased a 1971 Ford F-250 CamperCustom. We are currently on the road and I will be adding photos to describe the road trip. We've also made a pact to be home by xmas and also swim everyday of the trip.

Anybody out there got contacts to stay with? were gonna be Colorado/Kansas/Nebraska soon...Perhaps Kentucky...?

Friday, December 9

SoMuchEditing! BestYearEVER?!?

And how fast November and December are going! 2011 has been an amazing year for me, shooting weddings, travel, magazines, two studio shows and graduating from school! I've been going through the hardy hard drives lately, trying to get a ton of new Edits up to make all spiffy new for the 2012 push, here are a few Gems I've dug up...hope you're all keeping busy and enjoying the holidayzzz!