Friday, April 29


This is Nikki. I've been hanging out at her studio/loft/studio space in Allston, making art, taking shots and Shots (photos & vodka (&whiskey)) trying to get a natural light portrait and a studio lit portrait. I can't decide between the two, as usual. We spent the day collecting pieces of dead animals, drinking oj and vodka, and she serenaded me on her rooftop while the sun went down. Nikki is also a very talented artist, she paints, she sings, and she has a parrot. check out her blog...

Tuesday, April 26

Sunday, April 24

Happy Easter!!!

In the spirit of the holiday, i dug through the vault to remember the last bunny that crossed my path. delicious and nutritious. thanks again to E.W. Seeley. If you would like help with your home-roadkill-skinning projects please email me and I would love to help!

Thursday, April 21


So I took a hiatus from my camera. I am back. Sorry bout the delay but occasionally you gotta do nothing for a long time to get back to doing what you love. New stuff often, again. tell me what you think?