Monday, January 23


Why should I stop swimming for winter? Been doing a bunch of polar swims for 2012. Here's an outing where I was joined by BFF's @Karalligator and Caitlin. We drove down to Scusset Beach at the edge of CapeCod and ran into the frigidly artic waters of NewEngland. After we got out and were sufficiently cold, we ran in again. And remember, it don't count if you don't go under! I'll be swimming all winter long, anybody interested in a polar outting hit me up!

Recommendations to bring:
Puffy Jacket
Smartwool socks
Thermos of HotChocolate/GreenTea/Whiskey, or all three
a friend
a bucket of energy
matches and kindling
emergency contacts
a trained lifeguard (DOM)
and extra undies

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